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My Tip of the Week

I can’t get used to this ‘Tuesday update Blog’ lark – I get itchy fingers and I am too eager to get cracking on the next post!  So here it is then, post numero quatro…only 3 days after the last one…woops!

I said to myself that my aim was to slowly but surely and most importantly in a ‘light hearted’ way start to educate people a little more about wine, and I also said from the start that I am far from a wine buff and only professionally educated to a semi advanced level which gives me no right to start telling you all what to drink and what not to drink – I can however make suggestions based on what I know, so I hope that none of this has been tool in ya face and pompous!  Please tell me if it is – I am conscious of sounding a bit of a tool!

Ok so, moving on swiftly to talk about the grapey stuff!  Cast your minds back to when I talked about Old World Wine and my suggestions of 3 styles in which to go out and try (refer to the post if you can’t remember).  This week I want to talk about the New World alternatives, which will be very different, albeit made from the same grapes, and in many ways the winemaking itself is pretty much the same – its just things like climate, soils and topography that change (by the way, Topography is surface shape and stuff like that – Wiki it if you can be arsed!).  This week, I want you if you can to try the following:

1)      New Zealand Pinot Noir (alternative to a Red Burgundy – same grape, different style)

2)      Australian Cabernet Sauvignon (Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the 5 normal grape varieties that can be found in a ‘typical’ Bordeaux blend)

3)      New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc (alternative to a Sancerre – again same grape, different style completely!)

You can pick all of these up for cheap enough from your local wine merchant – or again if you MUST from Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s etc.  I know this might be a bit tricky and this is my fault because I should have written this post straight after the Old World tasting post…but have a bash on these and see where the differences lie.  One of the first things you’ll pick up on is the ‘tannins’.  Tannins are hard to describe, so here is my own description…if you eat a bit of peanut butter on its on, you get a chewy kind of coating at the roof of your trapdoor that makes you wince slightly, but in a pleasant enough way.  The same can be said for a wine with ‘high tannins’.  It’s that chewy feeling you get when you swish the wine around in your mouth, and it coats your teeth and everything.  Don’t go smiling at anyone though; you’ll look like someone has just lobbed a load of beetroot in your face!!  Aside from this, you’ll begin to pick up on very distinct differences.  Think about what kind of fruit you are picking up on both the nose and the palate, think about the alcohol levels (you can tell whether or not the alcohol is strong on not very simply – if you get a warming feeling when you swallow the wine that soothes the throat, generally speaking, the ABV will be reasonably high…also, remember my last post talked about ‘legs and tears’, well if there is a strong coating if clear liquid around the glass, again, you can be pretty sure there is a fair amount of alcohol in the bottle.  Have a go with this, and please please send me some comments by hitting the ‘Leave a comment’ tab at the top of the page.  Good luck and enjoy!

Onto other matters, what in the name of Zippy, Bungle and George is this geezer on!!??  Have a look at the link I have added; this guy is an American Wino who is actually really popular and his take on wine appreciation is like nobody else.  I have to confess I do watch some of his daily vids and he is barking!!  He must knock back a few packs of sherbet before each video or something; there is no way this bloke is this happy all the time!  Anyway, have a quick look at the link and see what you think – he discusses what wines go best with cereals!  Here is the link – http://tv.winelibrary.com/2009/09/08/what-wine-pairs-with-cereal-episode-734/

Thanks to those that did the poll question – I am going to wait until next week before talking about the results – although I can already see that most if us are cheapskates and go for the bottles vinegar already!  Nothing wrong with that and I’ll elaborate next time.

Couple of things to share with you before I finish (stay awake if you can).  What do you think about English wine?  It’s a thing of mystery for most of us, and myself very much included.  However, no longer will this be the case.  English wine is very much in demand at the moment, and selling handsomely across the pond.  The Americans love anything ‘quintessentially English’ – they do a shite job of running English pubs and there version of fish and chips is as bad as Steve McLaren’s Dutch accent!!  Oh yesh pleash, my eggsh musht be boiled!!  BUT, they love a bit of English fizz!  For those who are based in the South East, why not pop over to Denbies Wine Estate and see what the fuss is about – I am sure most of you would have heard of it – it’s a proper tourist attraction now, but also a fully functional, and bloody good vineyard.  For those in the North – errrrr………??  GOOGLE!!

Ok almost there my pedigree chums.  All that is left is my tip of the week, wino fact and joke!!  Tip of the week this time round, is a Lagunilla Rioja Reserva from Morrison’s.  Its on offer at the moment at a bargain price of £5.99 (usually £13.99).  As good as a decent bottle of Rioja gets (remember, Rioja is the region not the grape – common misconception).  Lots of oaky sweetness, vanilla tones supported by dark berry fruit, with some spiciness at the end – top notch juice!  Have a bang and see what you think…pic at the top of this post!

JOKE – this turn in weather!!

WINO FACT – A case of very prestigious chateaux in Bordeaux was sold last week to a Chinese business man for £67,000!  That’s my weekly wage I couldn’t believe the uncanniness!  Oh no sorry, my mistake, that’s the amount that I have just paid for my Crystal Palace season ticket!  Those terrace burgers are something else!

That’s me for this week peeps.  Hope you enjoyed this one.  It’ll get better I promise.  A certain James May read it last week and said it was ‘Not bad’….that’s fine by me!!

Wine is fun, fun is wine drink it young and when you dine

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