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Ding Dong – nice pair of legs!!

Tuesday today that means blog update day…I don’t think I mentioned that in my last post, but check back every Tuesday for my next piece.  Quick poll for you all as well…have a vote and let me see how many sheets you spend on a bottle of plonk!

So I am hoping some of you managed to go out and grab a bottle of the 3 wines I recommended in last week’s post?  I hope so, because I really want you to know the difference and start to decipher the ways in which Old World wine and New World wine are so far apart – in lots of cases not all however, as Italy are pretty fruit driven these days with some of their less expensive, mass produced but good quality wine, something that would go against this exercise!

There will be no real structure to my blogs by the way, not really the conventional blogger and have no desire to be, so I may throw in the odd fact, quote or joke from time to time…..What did the grape say when he was squeezed? Nothing. He just wined!  Piss poor that one I know, but I have to start somewhere.

Does anyone actually know how to taste wine?  There are many different ways of doing this, and people will tell you all sorts of stuff to do and not to do, but in essence, it is a very simple case of 4KE – 4 Key Elements…or (4 key elements in pictures)….these 3 key elements are Appearance, Nose, Palate and Conclusion.  Easy enough to remember huh!

What does the wine look like….whilst reading this, poor yourself a small measure (about 25cl) of whatever you have open, red or white.  Don’t worry about having a wide bowl glass and all that jazz just yet, a clear jug will do if that’s all you have!  Give the wine a few swirls around (it’s all in the wrist action – said the vicar!!) then let it rest on the side.  What do you notice…describe the colours that you are seeing….is it dull or clear is the intensity of the colour pale, medium or deep?  Does it have a cracking pair of legs!!!???  Ah yes the legs, my favourite part of the tasting process.  I must admit, I am not really a leg man, but I can be swayed.  Any ideas as to what I am talking about?  Swirl the glass again but a bit more vigorously this time, but not so much that you dash yourself on that clean white shirt you are wearing, or if you are naked, a ‘coated nipple’!  Now that you have swirled it, do you notice a ring of clear liquid near the top of the glass?  And can you see droplets of this pouring down the side of the glass and back into the wine?  These are Legs or tears.  The effect is a consequence of the fact that alcohol has a lower surface tension than water – there you go a wino fact!

Give it one more swirl and get your bugle right in there – and I mean right in there and get a good whiff of the stuff.  What can you smell……if it’s a red; can you smell blackberries, blackcurrants….strawberries, cherries…raspberries, cranberries?  You should be able to pick up the fruit first then other things will start to come in…what are they?  Have a look at the Sniff Sniff Taste Taste attachment and see which of these you are picking up…

Has this helped?  You will be totally surprised about how much there is on the nose of a small glass of wine.  This is where the learning starts and this is where the confidence begins.  You have a good old taste now and quickly send me a few thoughts as to what you are tasting.  I’ll then talk to you about evaluating the taste and about the abundance of flavour characteristics there are to be found.

I’ll end with my tip of the week – Chianti Veduta £6.99 from Oddbins.  Gorgeous cherry (morello) and vanilla with a cracking ‘mouth feel’.  Have a bang on it and see what you think! (PIcture atached)

Next week – 3 wines to recommend you from the New World – to compare with the 3 from last week and some comments on a poll that I have setup for you as above.  See what I mean by unstructured!!  Still, good fun though! 

Wine is fun, fun is wine, drink it young and when you dine

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